How did Mrs Wallis’ Begin?

Husband Robert and I purchased a block of land in Second Valley in 2007 and so began the story of our ‘sea change’ from Adelaide.  The plans evolved from a shack, to what is now, our holiday retirement dream house! Fast forward to 2014, house built, Robert transferred his electrical contractor business (Wallis Electrical) to the Fleurieu, and I began dabbling in chutney making on weekends after coming across my Nan’s handwritten pencil recipe book.

Starting the Second Valley Community Market in November 2015 was the beginning of everything.  People would come along, taste my goodies and ask if I would be making more!  Mrs Wallis’ Relishes, Chutneys & Pastes was born from there.

Now here we are in 2020!

Why do I make relishes, chutneys and pastes?

I was always captivated with watching and helping my Nan make all kinds of relishes, chutneys and jams on school holidays or at special times like Christmas or Easter. Taking the stones out of the just picked fruit, mincing the apricots in a bench clamp mincer, finding just the right spices and herbs in the cupboard and helping in the bottling where I could; all whilst waiting patiently for the first taste of a new batch.  The memories of doing this with my Nan are never far as the aromas take me back to my childhood and the fun times I shared helping her.

The written weights and measures may be out of date (not that she used a lot of them being a pinch of this and a dash of that type of cook), but the end product was always perfect. Some of Mrs Wallis’ recipes have been updated for today’s tastes adding some chilli and garlic here and there or using ingredients like tahini, but my ethos is to develop the natural flavours of the ingredients just how my Nan made them.

beetroot making

About the Products

Mrs Wallis’ products are made using a blend of my home grown, locally and commercially sourced ingredients depending on seasonal availability. As my Nan taught me, all are cooked low and slow in Le Creuset cast iron pots, jars boiled, hand filled, hand sealed, hand labeled and made using ONLY Mother Natures’ preservatives:  Vinegar, Olive Oil, Salt and Garlic.

All products are concentrated and can be blended with cream cheese, natural yoghurt or sour cream to create tasty dips and spreads. Adding a spoonful to casseroles and soups can enhance the flavour profile of your next masterpiece.

I am passionate about cooking and making products that are tasty and easy for people to incorporate into their everyday recipes and enjoy giving them as gifts. 

I look forward to seeing ideas and recipes in which you use them in the comments section. To leave a comment make sure to register with your next purchase.

You’ll love it!

Thank you

Mrs (Amanda) Wallis

The Specks, having a day out at Fox Creek Winery, know that no picnic is complete without Mrs. Wallis’ Crackin’ Capsicum Relish.
The SpecksSecond Valley Locals
The Specks
Yummo. Look what we are having for lunch. Cold lamb with your delicious relish. Love the new website!
Leon Bignell Member for Mawson
Leon Bignell
The perfect Saturday night in with Jalapeno and Capsicum relishes from the amazing Mrs Wallis’ range.
Peter Bice Director Infrastructure & Operations, Adelaide Hills Council
Peter Bice
We found the little shop in Normanville and purchased some chutneys. They are delicious.
Karyn & Gary JohnsGuests, Southern Ocean Retreats
Karyn & Gary Johns
Love the Tootin’ Tomato Chutney. Just bought another two jars.
Joseph KhalilAir B & B owner
Joseph Khalil
Bloody awesome ..Even on bacon and eggs
Peter CorriganSecond Valley Resident
Peter Corrigan